We are gearing up for the 2024 Miss Juneteenth Scholarship Pageant which we are planning to Co-Host on 6/15/2024. In 2024 we will again partner with the S & L Foundation Inc. and we are accepting nominations from new schools including El Campo High School, Boling High School, Ganado High School, Louise High School, and East Bernard High School.  We look forward to your support.



Samiyah Bunch


1st Runner-Up

Kateria Knight


About Miss Juneteenth:

Samiyah Bunch is a 16 year old 11th grader.

When interviewed, Ms. Bunch had the following to say:

Q: What are your goals?

A: "I want to go to Texas A&M with my intended major being arts and animation.

I want to pursue a career in art, because as an artist, it has always been my dream to go to an art school and learn new things about the ways of art."


Q: What word best describes you?

A: "Bold

Because I feel like I'm very quick to try new things, and that makes me have a better approach on things."


Q: What are you zealous about?

A:  "I'm mainly passionate about being an artist. Going to college, exploring the realm of art, and bringing it to life with animation is my dream. My mother is who I have to thank for keeping my head high. She drives me to be myself, and not quit when I'm at my lowest."

Q: What does Juneteenth mean to you?

A: Juneteenth to me, is a reminder that the stuff we have now was because of our people who fought long ago for our freedom for us to have the things we have today."

Highest ad seller!!!

MJT Scholarship Pageant Competition Spotlight:

Tekiah Francis

Ms Francis was our highest ad seller she alone sold 5.25 pages of ads!!!!!!! EXCELLENT JOB!!!!!

About Tekiah:

"Hi, I’m Tekiah Francis, a 16 year old, a junior at Wharton High School, where I'm a cheerleader, athlete, and musician. I am also a dancer at Lynn Bates school of dance.  I hope to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison after graduation. My goal is to start college right away and be independent. I believe life is too short to waste any time, so I'm eager to get started on my future. Thanks for your support!"

What word best describes Tekiah?

"Amiable, because I'm always friendly and approachable. People are drawn to me because I have a warm and welcoming demeanor."


We had four teens compete as a part of the MJT court. Each contestant was asked what they learned during the process of preparing for the competition. They responded with the following:

"I've learned that I can be comfortable in my skin regardless of stigmas & stereotypes placed upon black women, but rather that im capable & much more powerful than what's "expected" of me." - Kateria


"I've learned the beauty  of our skin tone and not letting anyone lower the standards of black women and showing our power as individual black women." - Aaliyah 


"No matter the looks it's mainly who you are on the inside. Being comfortable in our skin is the main reason of this as we stand up and let people know that we as black women can be our own person, as we express ourselves differently." - Samiyah


"I have learned no matter how you may feel or think of at times there is always someone out there to give you that extra push and boost of confidence. To be proud of my melanin,  love myself and express myself as I am always." - Tekiah