Edwards Ministerial Association Dreamweavers

To our Supporters,

We are honored to have you present at our 10th Annual Image Awards Scholarship Luncheon. It is you who make it possible for us to continue our efforts to provide scholarships to students aspiring to reach their educational goals. We feel that not only do our scholarships offer to our students some financial assistance but just importantly, we hope that it offers them encouragement to know that we care; that we wish them the very best for success in their educational paths and in their careers.
EMA Dreamweavers is a support group of Edwards Ministerial Association. We first started our membership recruitment in 2014 and have successfully reached our initial goal of seventy-five members. We appreciate the continuing support of our members. At this event tonight, we are open to adding to our membership as we reset our goal to have one hundred members. Last year at our 2017 Luncheon, you supported our Beacon of Light project so that we were able to give one additional scholarship. We are asking you to join us in accomplishing that same goal again this year.

Tonight, when you participate in Beacon of Light with a donation of $25.00, you become a member of EMA Dreamweavers and contribute to helping at least one student with their cost of education this year. The award is written to the student’s college or university to be credited to the student’s account. It makes a difference and our students sincerely appreciate your making the financial burden of getting an education a bit easier for them and their family.

You may choose to help out with a different amount. In your program booklet you will find our Beacon of Light envelope. Please fill in the information on the front of the envelope and check New Member____$25.00 or Donation Amount____. Either way, you have done your part in helping us to help at least one student by this project.

We have five students as ambassadors who will come to your table when you Show your Glow with the lighted wand on your table. Our ambassadors are wearing lighted blue lanyards. Please, give your envelope to one of the students wearing the lanyards.

Again, we are happy that you joined us here tonight. Edwards Ministerial Association appreciates YOU.
Edwards Ministerial Association Incorporation

Thank you for your support,

Carol Myers

Vice President, Membership